Monday, March 2, 2009

Top Contributor

Although perhaps a small honour, it's still an honour and makes me feel like I at least accomplish something in all my wasted time. I was invited to be a top contributor on the Chapters Bookstore online community website...probably because I write as many book reviews as I do and not because my reviews are in any way outstanding. I also review on a new site, which deserves some mention here as I've already found several books to add to my to-be-read list. Flashlight Worthy has lists of books, take your pick, there's something there for you to read.

And of course there's my profile on Good Reads where I list the current books being read, and rate and review the ones that I've finished reading.

Book obsessed? Definitely. But hopefully in a nice way.

I'm a firm believer that everyone, absolutely eveyone should read. And has the right to read whatever they want...romance, biographies, all counts.

My own daughter was read to long before she emerged, 2.5 weeks late, into this world. She has been surrounded by books since birth, and except for a portion of her teens when you couldn't get her to talk to you in a normal fashion never mind read, she's back at it.

And now I have a new adorable, 10-month old nephew...who already loves books, and whose personal library I find it one of my bookish delights to keep well stocked. So now I'm obsessed with children's book reviews.

Yes, just another distraction to keep me from writing something worthwhile.

To honour one more person's Dr.Seuss' birthday today...1904.

Happy Birthday, Mr.Seuss.

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