Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Procrastination = Chocolate

Constant themes for me, at least lately, have been procrastination and negativity. I'm a master at both. So perhaps i should be embracing these two wonderful traits and blending them together.

"The Wonderful Virtues of Negativity and Procrastination"

  • Procrastination enhances my negativity. High levels of negativity increase the level of my procrastination and depending on the degree allow me to accomplish minor tasks or, if there has been a lot of negativity enhancement, absolutely nothing at all.
  • Procrastination allows me to research websites on how to increase my productivity. Though i often makes notes on stimulating productivity, procrastination allows me to quickly ignore these notes, leading to an onrush of the finest negativity.
  • Negativity allows me to feel a) so utterly sorry for myself that any and all productivity is wiped out by procrastination, or b) like a martyr as i slog through tasks i have procrastinated and now must do or die.
  • Perhaps the best negativity/procrastination blend is the ability to feel so absolutely crappy about everything that only the finest chocolate will improve the situation.
So...really...procrastination and negativity are wonderful things if the end result is chocolate.

I was right all along to embrace these amazing traits in myself.

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