Friday, July 10, 2009

In Admiration of the Anonymous Blog

I frequently think of the advantages and benefits of having an anonymous blog. You know, the blog no one knows you have.

I could be anyone i wanted. Perhaps with an exotic name, like Isabella.

I could write about my love life, or lack of love life...and no one would raise their eyebrows in shock or smile in sympathy.

I could complain profusely about my job, my employer, my underpaid i am, how overworked i am, how stressed i feel, how i long to hand in a resignation letter.

I could gossip about my friends... without speculation and wonder...they would never know if i was or wasn't writing about them.

Just think of the things i could write about. My life, yours, theirs.

And all i would be, would be just Isabella, just another anonymous blogger...there to entertain you for a little while.

But i don't have enough time in my day to keep this blog updated. I already suffer from mental deterioration on an almost daily basis. dear Isabella....another time, another place, another blog.

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