Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Curse of the Squirrels

During last winter i decided that it would be a cute thing to feed peanuts to the local squirrels...four black ones and two adorable gray ones. So yes, it was cute. They would frolic all over the balcony, amusing me, agitating the cats. Oh, how adorable it was when they would peer through the balcony doors when there were no nuts set out for them. Often they battled it out with the blue jays, which is probably why they resorted to hiding the excess of nuts i treated them to...in the dirt of old plant pots. Industrious, i thought...and though they made a huge mess of the balcony, i knew it would all end in the spring when i stopped spoiling them.

Now that summer is here, and i have new plants in new pots with new dirt, i want to sign those squirrels up for the Squirrel Family for Relocation Program. The little buggers insist in digging in the pots, tossing dirt up and out and everywhere...and there are NO NUTS!! Do they have memory loss? There hasn't been a peanut on the balcony for months now.

This mess is messing with my sense of order and my need for organization. I look out onto the balcony and i love the table and chairs i have there...the climbing clematis, the lilies, the geranium...and then i see the tossed up dirt.

I need to take some deep breaths and think how cute it still is that they come to visit. But....long-tailed idgets....there are NO PEANUTS!

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