Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Animal Rights People

We feed squirrels. A couple of black ones. One bushy tailed gray one. And we feed blue jays. The loud, noisy ones. And I know animal rights advocates or some other advocacy group will frown on this behavior… “do not feed the wild animals”…do not? But why? It’s only peanuts. Nothing else. Well, sometimes we throw in some pistachio nuts, but I’m not sure those are appreciated.

Our creatures now demand to be fed. The boldest are the black squirrels. Who have no fear of the cats who sit on the other side of the balcony door, tails swishing, making those chirping sounds cats make when they hunt. Blackie hops by, stops to pick up a peanut, and eats a mere few inches from the glass-enclosed-cats. When there are no nuts scattered on the balcony, he hops up on the round, ceramic tiled table…(which was a gift for my sister, for her wedding, circa 2003, from her friend, but she didn’t have room to take it to Atlanta when she moved there, so gave it to me for safekeeping and by now it surely must be mine?)…anyway….Blackie just sits on the table and looks in. Expectant. Imploring. Demanding. So we feed him.

Blue jays squawk quite loudly. If you’ve never heard them you could surf for “live sounds birds make”.

The whole menagerie is great entertainment for the cats, though the little one often sits about three feet from the action, hunkered down as though hiding in the brush on the wild plains.

I’m sorry animal rights people…but these are city creatures in Vancouver. Which means they don’t have to brave the wilds or the cold. And it’s just a peanuts.

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