Thursday, February 19, 2009

Never Make Your Blog Accessible After Just One Posting

Ask for advice on blogs, and you get it: never make your blog accessible after just one posting. Wait a week so you have several postings ready for your readers.

Seriously? Are you kidding? I’ve just spent the last three weeks agonizing over a blog template. Not familiar with blogger, as my last one was WP, it took a while to get what I wanted. And I wanted to be slightly different, wanted it personalized and customized just a bit. But I didn’t want to pay for a custom blog to be built as I’m going to do that for my more professional one, which I’ll use to lure people to hire me for freelance writing.

So…I surfed…endlessly online for free templates…and tried a few:
  • the over-coloured one that, once finished, looked far too frilly and artsy for me
  • the dotted one, that I quite liked but that wouldn’t customize in blogger the way I wanted
  • the simple one to which I added a header of pencil crayons…but my daughter, when she saw it, was horrified
  • the one to which I added a nice floral orange header, but wouldn’t let me customize just part of the colour in the layout
  • and let’s not forget the one I really, really liked, the transparent one…that was missing closing tags everywhere and wouldn’t even load correctly
Frustrated beyond galore, I’m like “crap, okay, I’ll use one of the blogger templates that blogger actually offers when you set up your blog, and I’ll try different things and make it mine, and easy is better anyway since I’m already having time management issues”.

So here it is…the simple minima template, with a header from Delicious Designs that I like (daughter does not and says it looks scrapbooky and I don’t scrapbook). Don’t ask me how long it took to figure out how to pull the text in the header down so it was centered in the middle. Because it took a while. Not a programmer, but I like challenging code. And if I wasn’t having those time management issues, I’d play more and fiddle things around on here. Not promising I won’t anyway, so if you start reading this blog here and now, I apologize in advance for any experimentation that might happen.

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