Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ellipsis Obsessed ...

It’s true. If you’ve ever received an e-mail from me…or poetry. Or something written…you know how I often I use an ellipsis. I think my style of writing could be used to identify me in the event of an untimely disappearance.

“Aha….this one uses an ellipsis a total of nine times in just six sentences…must be her!”

I just happen to think that the ellipsis is the most important punctuation symbol we have.


From the Greek…a series of marks that indicate an intentional omission of phrase or word. Can also be used to finish off an unfinished thought, or at the end of a sentence, trailing off into silence.

Between sentences, three dots are used (…). At the end of a sentence the three dots should be followed by a period, for a total of four dots (….).

It got more complicated as I was reading the definition, all these rules and regulations for using dots...and I realized I’m not going to change the unofficial way I write anyway…so I’ll stick with my pattern.

I do love using ellipses…what a great way to fly along as you write…dipping and dotting without worrying about punctuation.

Dear Punctuation People,
I’m sorry I take liberty with the English language. I can write nice and grammatically and punctuationially precise when I have to. The ellipsis is one of my sources of rebellion. I have so few rebellious outlets in life. Please allow me this one indiscretion….

Sincerely and ellipsically yours.

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