Monday, June 15, 2009

Reading Muse is on Vacation

I am going through a reading dry spell...which i very much detest. Every once in a while i just can't seem to focus on anything long enough to grab my interest and continue. This is the time when i have to reach for a "non-thinking" book to get the wheels and the words and the paragraphs flowing.

However, that philosophy isn't working this time....and i've attempted to read three books now....with no success at all.

Perhaps my mind is deep in Tuscany. Dreaming of walking in the autumn sun, indulging in coffees and chocolates and pastas.

Or perhaps my mind was so focused on my family visiting last week and the excitement of their arrival kept me from reading.

And perhaps now it's that i'm feeling sad and out of sorts that my family is gone again to their own corners of the world and i'm left here without them. And then my daughter, my link to feeling connected, disappears to Vancouver Island for her own little adventure.

Another attempt...i'll give this mystery a try, see if it boosts me into reading mode: A Necessary End by Peter Robinson.

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