Monday, June 1, 2009

Tranquil Summerness

Those lazy days of summer are here, before summer officially makes its appearance on the calendar. Waking to the chattering and chirping of birds, that feeling of anticipation before you get out of bed, of another sun-filled day. Walking like a hamster around the track is made that much easier when the morning sun is claiming the day. The air smells different, bright and fresh, full of promise.

I’m reminded of living in Kelowna …summers when Caitlin was little…such languid days we would have…easy…”tranquil” might be a good way to describe those days and that time. Days like this take me back there…the heat, the smell of the air, the aroma of flowers and plants.

I also remember some amazing summer days I spent with my mom when I was young. I know all those days were different and culminate in the memories I have of that time…but in particular I remember the two of us hanging the laundry on the clothes line to dry, feeling the coolness of sheets and shirts against my face as I wove my way in and out and around the hanging laundry. Exploring the yard with her, looking at the flowers…those glorious Sweet Williams she would plant, filling the rock garden, so many colours. Lying on the grass on our backs, looking at the clouds, making stories out of shapes of white puffs. Those are precious days to me, days that have always been with me in one way or another in all the summers since that time. I think I have my mother to thank for this feeling of “tranquil summerness” that comes over me on days like this.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I can’t wait to take her to Tuscany …autumn sun and lazy days.

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