Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Actively Seeking Publisher...Finally

I'm now ready to look for children's book publishers. I finally have two pieces that i feel are ready to be submitted. Off they'll go to await sentencing, their fate out of my hands, their creator.

I've been writing for so many years that i usually forget, or just brush aside, my dream of actually being published. There's that little voice in my head that tells me i'm not good enough, that no one would or could want to publish something i wrote and put my name underneath the title. And too many years of "ghostwriting" haven't helped either. I'm so used to writing and sending to someone else to get the credit that i've assumed it's just going to be forever.

Perhaps the good thing is that i really like these two pieces i've written... "Liam and the Valentine Thief" and "Liam and the Easter Rose". Maybe i'll post them here sometime soon....