Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuscany Becomes Reality

My mama and i have booked our flights to Italy. And this is when, for me, a trip actually becomes a reality. When i've bought the ticket and sold my soul to the airlines.

I'm excited about this trip for so many reasons. It's been a long time since my mom and i have had a vacation together like this, although my recent Easter trip with my family was a bit of a good tease.

So now the search is on for an apartment to rent, what sights we can't miss...and of course a list of cafes in ANY city or town i MIGHT find myself in.

As i search here and there for information for our trip there are always websites i want to share with my mom. And e-mailing links to my mom can be frustrating (sorry mama). So an ideal way will be to insert information here...with a quick link. Easy access.

Like this one....for the Lucca Wall...a small city with a strong Roman imprint.

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