Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tilford Park

For some reason I rarely think of posting about this amazing city that I live in. Time after time Vancouver is featured in international magazines. This is an awe-filled place to reside. And I think I take it for granted. I'm certain I do.


Caitlin and I went out for lunch and then down to Tilford Park, which is hidden here on the North Shore beside Starbucks and other local stores.

There are eight separate small theme parks here, all connecting together: The rose, oriental, and white gardens. The rock pool and native garden. And the herb, display, and colonade gardens.

It was a nice, sunny May day. So we wandered through the park, took a few pictures, and sat in the sun for a few minutes.....

...and I told Caitlin the story of the bleeding heart...which I told her so often when she was little as we had a pink bleeding heart plant right by our front door.

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