Monday, May 18, 2009

Vancouver Greenness Reaches Global Audience

It didn't take me long, while searching for something "green-like" to post on our intranet at work, to stumble onto this North Carolina green advocacy group called "The Charlotte Green Team". At first i was just impressed with their blog design...gorgeously green...wonderful navigation from page to page. But what makes this blog mentionable is that there, right under the "news" tab, was our very own Vancouver in an article titled, "Vancouver's Greenest City Action Team Releases Recommendations".

Apparently Vancouver has a goal that i've yet to hear or read about: to become the greenest city in the world by 2020.

The article on the blog was originally written for an online news site based out of Seattle. And someone way down there in North Carolina deemed it worthy of mention. So there should be some pride here...that we live in a city whose initiative is being recognized beyond our own Canadian borders.

There are 44 recommendations to enhance and promote greenness in Vancouver. My personal favourite is edible landscaping: recommendation for a policy where a miniumum amount of the trees and plants on city owned property be edible. This would include herbs, fruit, nuts, edible flowers, nuts, and berries.

If you live in Vancouver...or not...the Vancouver recommendations are definitely worth a look. Followed by an attempt to get involved, which is easy as it pulls you in and makes you proud to be a Vancouverite...or some other ite of somewhere else.

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